Our learning center is suitable for children between the ages of 2-6.

ROAR Kids operates within the Little Lion Early Learning Center in Artarmon. We only operate on weekends as the center operates as a childcare center during the week.

ROAR Kids has chosen to run its program in a childcare center because we believe it is the safest and most secure place for children aged 2-6. Childcare centers are designed for this age group and are under strict government regulations. We believe that parents will have peace of mind knowing that their children are learning in a safe and secure environment.

While online bookings are prioritised, we do accept walk-ins if there are vacancies in the class.

The maximum amount of children we can accommodate in a single class is 15.

Teachers for specialty classes will have a high level of experience in that field. Educators will have necessary certificates, diplomas and degrees in childhood education. All teachers and educators will also have a Working with Children Check issued by the Australian Government.

Yes, we offer complimentary fruit, snacks and drinks at the end of each class. Lunch meals are also provided to the children for $7.50. Parents are also welcome to pack their own lunch though all meals must meet our No Nuts policy.

Lunch time is 12pm – 1pm. Children who choose to not have lunch at this time will have Free Play under adult supervision.

For peace of mind, we will regularly send parents photos and updates of their child. Parents are also welcome to call up to ask how their child is doing.

If we feel that your child is unhappy and is not settling in, we will contact you immediately. In the rare case of accidents, we follow the same procedure as childcare centers and will notify parents and complete an incident report.

Designated nap times are not catered for. However, we have mats and stretcher beds where your child can lie down if they are feeling tired.