About Us

At Roar Kids, we believe children are the future, and as such, they should be the best opportunity to develop valuable, life-long skills. We also understand how important it is for children to play, laugh and experience new

That’s why we’ve integrated both fun and education into everything we do at Roar Kids. From our special classes to our center’s equipment and rooms; we make sure that your children are able to laugh and learn at the same time.

Prepare your child for the future and help them jump into a lively world with a lion’s roar!

Giving you much deserved

Finding time for yourself as a parent can be difficult. Luckily, our weekend classes also give you the free time you deserve! You’ll be able to enjoy a weekend brunch or do some solo shopping with the peace of mind that your child are in safe hands. We also offer the option to combine multiple classes together which maximise your ‘Me-Time’!

Laugh & learn

Learning doesn’t have to be a bore. Our classes are made to encourage smiles, laughter and fun, while remaining highly beneficial for your child.

teamwork & frienship

We believe in the importance of relationships, which is why we work hard to create a space where your child can develop social bonds with other children, their instructors and most importantly, you as a parent!

a safe place to grow

Your child’s safety and health is our priority. That’s why we take the necessary steps and then some, to create an environment free of danger, harm, exclusion and bullying.

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